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Introduction of Multicampus Jobs

Introduce our Multicampus jobs

  • R&D
    - To understand the trends in the knowledge of HR and IT
    - Researching related business areas, new teaching methods, instructional design and new contents.
    - Core competency: logical thinking, expressive language, persistent studying
Knowledge Services
Knowledge Services
  • Merchandising
    - Planning to develop and launch new contents with understanding Economic, Business knowledge.
    - Core competency: merchandising, information collection and analysis, negotiations and bargaining power
  • Instructional Design
    - To leverage and execute entire development planning made with knowledge of education and instructional design training courses.
    - Core competency: Capabilities to create High-quality contents, Problem-solving skills, coordinating a smooth feedback
  • Media
    - Producing educational materials with knowledge of editing audio and video.
    - Core competency: Ability to make screenplay, completeness, team-work
  • Design/ Web Planning
    - Taking part of design UI and educational contents with expertise knowledge of Web-design
    - To develop and manage Web-site with knowledge of web-development including programming languages and analytics.
    - Core competency: Planning design and Web, implementation design, Practicality, structuring web-site
  • System Development/Management
    - To develop education system like LMS with knowledge of computer, system and S/W.
    - To manage entire system infrastructure with knowledge of computer, H/W and network.
    - Core competency: Problem-solving skills, accelerating work, communication ability.
Sales / Marketing
Sales / Marketing
  • Marketing
    - To identify customer needs and meet their needs.
    - Making sales strategy based on consumer research and trend analysis.
    - Core competency: Making strategy, Business mind, and Collecting & analysis data.
  • Consulting
    - To diagnose and propose solution about education system and possible for developing HR with knowledge of HRD, Education.
    - Core competency: Problem-solving skills, systematic thinking, and Collecting & analysis data.
  • Business Sales
    - To sell e-learning contents to the customer with understanding e-learning industries and contents.
    - Core competency: completed problem-solving skills, ability to meet customer needs aggressively, negotiations and bargaining power
  • OPIc & Language education Sales>
    - To sell OPIc & Language education to the customer with understanding education industries.
    - Core competency: completed problem-solving skills, ability to meet customer needs aggressively, negotiations and bargaining power
  • Operating
    - Operating on-line and off-line educations with understanding of training courses and background of learning environment.
    - Core competency: Problem-solving skills, work efficiency, communication ability.
Management Support1
Management Support1
  • Strategy Planing/PR(Public Relation)
    - Planning and driving entire management strategy.
    - Planning mid-term and long-term strategy.
    - Make a transparent and timely communication about the market performance, business strategy and financial structure can affect firm value to shareholders.
    - Core competency: financial analytical skill, strategic planning skill, communication ability.
  • Finance/ Accounting
    - To perform financial analysis based on the data, planning and risk management with knowledge of finance, economics and law.
    - Establishing of appropriate accounting policies, promoting them and performing duties such as closing, auditing
    - Core competency: careful working, ethics and planning system
  • HR/Personnel Affair
    - To perform recruitment employees to meet the management objectives, evaluation and compensation.
    - To have responsibility for a bridge employer and employees.
    - To help employees develop their competencies with education that makes newly hired workers adapting to organization and work.
    - Core competency: Planning (HRM system and education progras for employees), accelerating work, understanding organization.
  • Legal Affair
    - To prevent legal conflict and protect the legal rights with legal knowledge like commercial code and other laws.
    - For realize Moral management to prevent illegal action at work
    - Core competency: analytical thinking, Collecting and analysis data, Comprehension about Organization
  • Quality Management
    - Correcting errors of self-developed training courses or customizing external courses.
    - Core competency: Problem-solving skills, careful working, and Management work level