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HR Systems

Introduce Multicampus HR Systems

  • Performance Incentive System
  • Salary and Employee Benefits
  • Corporate culture

Performance Incentive System

The individual employee’s annual salary is arranged based on the job competency and incentive rate according to the personal work value and capability, and performance at the same time. Our employees have improved their performance outcome and they have operated a flexible and creative organization because of the Elastic Promotion System beyond the limitation of job and position ever since Performance Incentive System was instituted.

The Five Appellation System of Multicampus
The Appellation System of Multicampus is composed of 5 Steps. The System is operated in order of year because it is separated positions such as a chief of the teams and departments.
The Five Appellation System of Multicampus
  1. Steps1 - staff
  2. Steps2 - Assistant manager
  3. Steps3 - manager
  4. Steps4 - Deputy general
  5. Steps5 - General director