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CEO’s Message

We introduce CEO's message

MULTICAMPUS CEO Multicampus, a Samsung Company specializing in HRD, has been contributing to the increase of customer value by providing the best HRD solutions to maximize competitiveness of enterprises and individuals.

Since providing Education Services for the enhancement of enterprise and individual work competency from 2000, Multicampus has grown to become the foremost HRD Company in South Korea by providing a Total HRD Service that includes Foreign Language Testing and Education for global competency enhancement, and Knowledge Services that deliver the latest information from a diverse range of subject areas. Moving forward, Multicampus will lead the way for future talent development through differentiated content and platform based on EdTech, by leveraging new technologies and reacting to industry change. Multicampus will continue to grow and increase market share not only locally, but also globally by identifying new business opportunities. Through creative innovation and endless passion for challenge, Multicampus will lead the way for a new future. We look forward to your continued interest and support. Thank you. Multicampus Company CEO Yeonho Yoo sign